This was the aftermath of a Mission Street Cadillac vs. Muni 14R collision. Photo by Joe Eskenazi

A messy scene greeted San Franciscans on Mission Street this morning, following a dramatic collision between a Cadillac SUV and a 14R Muni bus at around 8:20 a.m.

Per the driver of the bus, who claimed he had about 50 passengers aboard, the Cadillac collided with the right side of his bus near the traffic light at Mission and Trumbull while both were heading north, toward downtown. After making contact with the bus, the Cadillac purportedly struck a parked Public Works pickup truck and then flipped over.

The collision left the SUV riddled with damage and resting on its left side in the midst of traffic. The bus was immobilized a few dozen yards up College Hill on Mission; damage was visible on its right side along the articulated “accordion” section. The rear axle of the DPW truck was noticeably bent. Both it and the SUV were towed, while the bus was driven off under its own power.

The bus driver claimed the driver of the Cadillac fled the accident, which was not denied by police on the scene.

A Cadillac SUV allegedly sideswiped a 14R Muni bus before flipping over. The incident left visible damage on Muni Bus No. 6727. Photo by Joe Eskenazi.

If so, this was an involved move: The SUV was perched upon its driver’s-side door, so exiting the vehicle must have been difficult. The rear window, either via the impact of the collision or a subsequent kick, was shattered.

The incident made for an eventful morning for area workers and residents; teachers and administrators at the adjacent Mission YMCA preschool took in the scene alongside seniors delivered to the Y via paratransit, while SFMTA personnel directed traffic.

There were no significant injuries, according to police.

This is an active case and a breaking story. We will add more as we discover it.

Police congregate near the Cadillac SUV that allegedly hit a Muni bus before capsizing. Photo by Joe Eskenazi.

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