Officers from the gang unit stopped and detained three individuals today at 3 p.m. on the corner of 19th and Mission in an overt daylight action.

The suspects were stopped for carrying open containers of alcohol in public, according to one of the officers, who also said they recognized the suspects as having prior connections to gangs operating in the Mission.

The two undercover officers ordered the three men to halt and stand against shop windows. Several uniformed units arrived and encircled the men as they were frisked.

Officers recovered at least two knives, including a large unsheathed kitchen knife and a gold-colored butterfly knife. One suspect was placed in handcuffs and arrested as officers spoke with the two remaining men.

Officers released the remaining two suspects after recording their addresses and taking photographs of one of the man’s tattoos.

One man was given back his golden butterfly knife. It’s currently unclear why one suspect was arrested while the others were released.

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