“I’m very young, 80 years. Can you believe it?”

Maria Catalina Trujillo Lucio goes by two names. In San Francisco, she’s known as Maria. But back in Mexico, she would be known as Maria Catalina. It’s one of the differences she’s gotten used to, living in the United States.

She’s been selling fresh fruit and Mexican snacks on the corner of 21st and Mission for three years, but she only sells between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Her son brought her to the Mission eight years ago, and originally was supposed to move here with her husband, but he died that same year.

Though she returns home every year and stays for about three months, Trujillo Lucio said she plans on going back home permanently in about two years.

“I’ve got my family there, my house, my mom and dad are buried there. I want to be around my group,” she said.

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