18th and Bryant. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Former Juicero HQ, now vacant, gets a new look

Having been on display for six years, the large “Picturesoteric” mural along the sides of 2001 Bryant will soon come down. But it’s not because of new ownership or vandals or gentrification — rather, the building’s original paint is chipping away and in order to preserve the building crews will scrape off the old layers and begin anew.

According to Sirron Norris, the original mural’s artist, the owners commissioned him to paint a new mural on the side of the building. This time, Norris said, it will be less “political” — a staple of Norris’ artwork — and be a simpler design. It will be more colorful, while still focusing on the housing needs of the Mission, depicting residential buildings.

“Don’t think I’m going soft,” Norris said with a chuckle. It’s also about adding some contrast — across the street at 2000 Bryant, the Mission’s latest housing develop is chugging along, and bringing with it 335 new housing units of affordable and market-rate housing. Keeping the arts alive in the neighborhood was important to both Norris and the property owner.

The building’s owner, who wished to not be named, said it was important to save the building from the elements but retain the mural. The two met, talked, and moved forwards.

“The last thing I wanted to do was to take away anything artistic,” the owner said. “Yeah, it cost more to throw up a mural than repaint it. But this was a no-brainer.”

Sirron Norris’ unnamed mural design will be going up at 2001 Bryant later this year. Courtesy of Sirron Norris.

Over the past couple of years, the Calumet Photography company occupied the space until it went bankrupt in 2014. Then it was occupied by Juicero before it, too, imploded. Now, sitting unoccupied, Norris said the property owners want to repaint the entire building before renting the space out once again.

That makes sense: In some spots, the paint is chipping away to the point where bare wood is exposed. Once the old paint is scraped off, the building will be hit with a fresh coat and set up for Norris to install his mural. Norris, who has been living in San Francisco since 1997 and was the lead background designer for the animated show Bob’s Burgers, expects this project to take a few weeks. He will have up to seven people, including interns, assisting him.

Although it hasn’t been named yet, the new mural Norris is designing will be painted with the InstaChat generation in mind. He said that when he first began painting “Picturesoteric,” digital photography was just exploding for mobile users.

Now that it’s the norm he wants to design a mural that can be fully captured in one angle. At last — a mural easy enough to fit yourself and the paintings in one selfie.

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  1. This is so banal, boring and cheesy!

    Worthy of the Ice Cream Museum. 🙁

    But it is a great representation of the boring, sterile tech ghetto the Mission is becoming!

  2. Will they be changing the mural on the north side of the building, too? I hope not as it’s one of my favorites in the neighborhood.

  3. Glad to read this story. I saw the scaffolding up yesterday and my heart sank, expecting they were removing the mural and replacing it with plain paint. The Picturesoteric mural added to the neighborhood. I am so glad they’re working with Sirron on something equally interesting. Cheers to the building owner for being willing to pay a little extra for art.

  4. Looking a little soft Sirron going from political to a bunch of painted ladies. Isn’t that the corner where that pot distributor is going in?