Lisa Gonzales appeared in court on July 18, 2018. She is charged with the murder and dismemberment of her former roommate, Margaret Mamer. Photo by Charlotte Silver.

The trial of the woman accused of killing and dismembering her 61-year-old roommate continues to stall, awaiting the final autopsy report. On Wednesday morning, Lisa Gonzales briefly appeared in court to once again waive her right to a hearing within 60 days.

Gonzales, who has been held without bail since her arrest June 2, will next appear in court on August 22, by which time attorneys may have received the autopsy of Margaret Mamer and the case can move forward to preliminary hearings.

The District Attorney’s office has shared all discovery with Gonzales’s public defender, Alex Lilien, including photos from the autopsy and recorded interviews.  

“There are videos, there are photos and, most important, we are gonna wanna look at the autopsy report,” Lilien told reporters Wednesday.

Gonzales was arrested and charged with the murder of Mamer after police in June visited their apartment at 255 14th Street. That was in response to a missing person’s report, and a separate report suspecting foul play.

After Gonzales gave officers permission to search the residence, the police discovered a large plastic bin in a communal storage area. When they opened it they found a plastic bag covered with maggots and with a “dark, viscous” liquid “bubbling” out. Gonzales “expressed reservations about officers continuing their search,” according to court documents. At that point, officers arrested Gonzales and requested a search warrant.

With the warrant, police found Mamer’s rotting remains: her legs and arms had been sawed off.

According to court documents, Mamer may have been killed as much as two weeks before her remains were discovered. A third roommate at 255 14th Street told police that they noticed noxious smells May 15, and heard a “sawing” sound coming from the bathroom the next day. The other roommate never saw Mamer again; Gonzales told them that Mamer had left, “but not the way she should have,” according to court documents.

The roommate eventually told this information to another person, who took it to the police.

Gonzales offered Mamer a place to live last August after the two met at Whole Foods. The two started to clash soon after, and Gonzales told her to leave or face eviction in mid-April.

When police arrested Gonzales June 2, she told them she didn’t have a “real recollection” of what happened, but that on May 15 she and Mamer had gotten into an argument when Mamer refused to move out. Gonzales told police she thought she may have “flipped.” When asked what she may have done, her response to police was “probably nothing good.”

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