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Carlos Santana Mural vandalized (updated)

The 2014 Carlos Santana mural on the south side of 19th Street near Mission was vandalized. The mural was painted by Mel Waters. –MN

On Saturday afternoon, Mel Waters worked to clean up the mural and repaint where needed. –LC

Mel Waters cleaning up his mural. Photo by Lydia Chávez.

Our friends at, who make our bimonthly show Listen Local possible, will be setting up a mini station in the window of ATA for the month of September. It will be installed on September 1. –JM

Goodbye, Rincon Nayarit  

Rincon Nayarit, one of the Mission’s only “marisquerías” (1500 S. Van Ness) and a family-owned restaurant, has closed. It opened last spring. –JM

Creativity Explored

Everything Is Quiet, the first solo exhibition by Gerald Wiggins, will premiere at Creativity Explored (3245 16th St.), an art studio and gallery for artists with developmental disabilities.

The work draws from Wiggins’ body of work since he joined Creativity Explored in 2008, and includes more than 50 recently created ceramic statues and more than two dozen illustrations. Large-scale prints of his work will be available for purchase.

The work will be on display from July 19 to September 13, and a free opening reception will take place on July 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. –JM 

Candi Me reopens this weekend

Dean Hsieh and his co-owner Maggie Chan first opened Candi Me at 3520 20th St. late last year. They tried with candy and boba juice, but that did not go as planned — so they closed, did some remodeling, and will reopen this weekend.  Now, customers can watch them make candy, but there will be no more boba juice. Instead, they’ve expanded into new candies and may, someday, add chocolate. I walked by and it looked closed, so I expected to be writing a note about yet another closure in the Mission. It was nice to see that they will still be around.

I interviewed Hsieh. –LC

Candi Me from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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