Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

We received a tip this morning that murals along Clarion Alley were vandalized, and after checking them out in person we found that a total of four murals had yellow paint sprayed over parts of the murals. The ‘Narratives of Displacement’ piece was the main target and every face on it was sprayed with yellow paint.

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.
Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.
Luis Gongora Pat mural. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

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  1. Why do all media outlets that have covered this call it ‘spray paint’? And no, the yellow paint in not ‘Graffiti’ C’mon people. It looks like it was done by a psycho off their meds who came up on a can of housepaint, and not likely a direct response to the messages of the defaced murals.

    1. Geezer Butler is correct. It was a can of yellow paint and he was wiping the wall with a scarf, I am not sure if there was a brush. My friend and I were walking home down Valencia, and saw him at the end of his tirade and tried to stop him.He was very agitated, likely on something much stronger than just being off of his medication. We both ended up covered in paint. He was unpredictable and angry, calling many things, including the wall, “whore”, most likely drug demons dancing around in his head than personal. He was far- far gone. We couldn’t do much but to slow him down. I reported it to the police, but we didn’t think it was safe to stick around.

  2. The yellow graffiti (is that the right term?) is not spray paint; it was applied with a brush. Denatured alcohol is a solvent for most water base paints. Do a little test, maybe the yellow can be removed without too much damage to the murals.