Warriors sweep the Cavaliers and the Mission celebrates (PHOTOS!)

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

The Warriors made history when they racked up a 73-win season in 2016, only to lose the Cleveland Cavaliers in that year’s NBA Finals. Yet, here were are, four finals appearances in four years — all against the same team led by LeBron James. This latest championship victory was sweeter, as the team swept the Cavaliers in four games, a humiliation for any team. A worse one for LeBron and the Cavaliers.

The Mission responded with street celebrations that edged close to a riot. Initially cheers and flag-waving were rampant near 30th and Mission, toward Bernal Heights, but the festivities spread as a large crowd of basketball fans moved toward the 24th street BART Station. When police in riot gear arrived, the crowd was pushed further along Mission Street until bottles were thrown.

Vehicles cruised up and down Mission, revved their engines, and the passengers danced with pedestrians. Brooms were everywhere and the pavement was constantly being swept.

Police nearly contained the situation until a drumming group revived the crowd near Capp street and led fans on a trek across the entire core of the Mission.

According to the NBA, the official championship parade will be held in Oakland Tuesday, June 12 at 11 a.m.

Along Mission street, cars packed with fans cruised along the street and celebrated with pedestrians. The cruise extended itself from Bernal Heights to 18th Street and Mission. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Miguel Zea, left, was celebrating with his parrot Theo on the stoop to his apartment. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Onlookers gazed from the top of their apartment building a block south of Cesar Chavez. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Warriors fans dancing in front of the Baby Blues BBQ restaurant. Flags were waved, drawing motorists to honk in support. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Police arrived at the Mission in an effort to control the large crowds. Motorcycle units were setting up perimeters all along the street. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Onlookers gazing at a fireworks display near 23rd Street. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Police lined up to disperse the crowd. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Carnaval drummers arrived in the Mission and led a parade across the district. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

Fans in a car drove by the drum parade, leaned out of their windows and celebrated with the rest of the crowd. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez..

The drum parade carries on near 24th Street and Mission. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

A man fires a fireworks stick. Photo by Abraham Rodriguez.

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