Bill Schwab.

Bill Schwab, 59.

Bill was walking down 19th and Valencia with a smile on his face. He told me what a good day it was, and seemed to be having one himself.

“I work at the Curran,” he said, then chuckled, “I’m a Curranator, which is their made-up, fancy word for an usher. I also do distribution sales for the SF Public Press.” He’s worked at the Curran since it reopened, and had his job with the SF Public Press since late 2014.

He was originally from New York: “I’ve lived between there and San Francisco for the equal amount of time of 30 years. But even with my age, the staff considers me a paper boy instead of a paper person.”

His experience as an usher has left him with this bit of advice: treat people well.

“There’s been a lot of changes,” Bill said, “For so long, San Francisco was a place where working people could do well.” Now, he said, “Even people that are so young talk to their teachers about eviction like, ‘How am I gonna live in my own city?’”

Nevertheless, he said, he doesn’t see moving. “I’m in the center of everything, every transit piece I need is less than six blocks from where I am. If I wanted to get somewhere quick, anything in my area would work. It’s a good place to age, this city.”

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