Six days out of the week, Mo fills packs his car with TVs, chairs, hand sanitizer and video game accessories and takes to the streets to set up a streetside studio where anyone can play on ancient Nintendo video game consoles. He sets up his video game consoles and monitors on top of his Honda Accord wagon and opens up his gaming collection to anyone wanting to play. On the weekends he’s on 16th Street near Valencia and crowds gather for rounds of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Duck Hunt and Punch-Out!!

A San Francisco native, “Mo Gamin’” got the idea to share his gaming library after crowds would gather around his car while he played with his Nintendo Wii. They would ask for a turn, and eventually, he began adding more screens, more chairs and more games.

He hopes to expand by adding a fleet of vehicles or by converting a bus into a mobile gaming center.

For bookings, you can contact Mo Gamin’ at 415-571-1927.

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