On Valencia near 19th Street. Photo by Elizabeth Creely

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  1. The signs seemed to be a display of birthday love. Balloons were attached to a car on 19th Street, and a nearby sign said, “Happy birthday … wait what’s your name?”

    Signs on Valencia Street said, “We are happy you were born!” and “Enjoy your day!” and “Eat cake for breakfast” and “Cheers to you!” and “#LikeIt’sHard” and “From: Your friends you pay to hang out with … We love you!”

  2. But there is also someone sleeping on the sidewalk, and a writing on the wall that says “Evict Trump”

  3. There was another sign on 19th at Valencia that said “Jordan Ferney” so I’m guessing the birthday was hers. And now her balloons are up and down the street. Why does Jordan Ferney’s birthday decoration have to become San Francisco’s street trash? Is it too much to ask them to clean up after the birthday is over? One can only hope that the wisdom of old(er) age engages soon.

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