Eto recreating a Mandella for a temple in Kyoto

Mission gallery Artillery A.G., at 2751 Mission St., is hosting a presentation by artist Kana Eto on Friday, Jan. 19.

Eto is a traditional Japanese artist from Kyoto, Japan. Her atelier, Saishoku No Fukuyoshi, specializes in the restoration of Buddhist temple artwork. She also paints personal works using traditional styles and materials. These pieces have been placed in Japanese temples and private residences.

The casual gathering of artistic minds will begin at 6 p.m. on the 19th.

Eto will demonstrate and discuss the preparation of traditional paints, starting from raw pigments. These paints will subsequently be applied to a papier-mâché sculpture of Daruma, a legendary Buddhist monk. Daruma is thought to have been the originator of Zen Buddhism.

In Japan today, Daruma is the symbol of resilience and goal-setting. Painting Daruma — especially his eyes — is a widespread tradition in modern Japan.

Following the demonstrations, Eto will welcome questions. Japanese paper and brushes will be available, so everyone can paint their own Daruma in the sumi-e style. It’s the perfect way to accentuate your New Year’s resolutions.

The event is free, but a donation would be appreciated. One hundred percent of all donations will be used to help sustain Artillery A.G.

Photo by George Lipp.
Photo by George Lipp.
Photo by George Lipp.
Photo by George Lipp.
Photo by George Lipp.
Photo by George Lipp.
Close-up of Eto’s Daruma dolls. Note the Golden Gate Bridge on the doll whose wish has been fulfilled.

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