Update: A student of the tech education program reached out to Mission Local to say that the students were allowed to return to the Dreamforce conference after being told to leave, that the security guards who removed the students were disciplined and that the students received numerous apologies from Salesforce staff.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, 20 Latino students of a coding and technology education program for underserved communities, called dev/Mission, were booted from Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference last weekend.

An apparent difference between the passes issued to the students and those issued to others attending may have prompted a security guard to single out the group, dev/Mision founder Leo Sosa told the Examiner, and though a conference staff member tried repeatedly to allay the confusion, ultimately security told the students to leave.

From the original story:

They said “our badges were fake, and not the right ones,” Sosa said.

… [T]he two security guards, who Sosa described as a black man and Latina woman, ejected them. Salesforce declined to provide the names of the security guards, or identify the firm that provided security at Dreamforce.

That’s when the male guard reportedly told the students, “You don’t belong here,” and, allegedly, “Your kind don’t belong in here.”

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