police commission vs. police cars

Joel Babbs, a San Francisco police officer who was recently arrested on misdemeanor charges of violating the vehicle code and filing a false police report, now tells NBC Bay Area that he is being retaliated against for calling out racism in the department.

Babbs had previously provided Internal Affairs, and now NBC Bay Area, with recordings taken inside the Muni division of the SFPD in which a lieutenant describes black drivers he pulled over as suspected gang members who looked “dirty.”

Months after submitting the recordings, Babbs told the station that he had been slowly squeezed out of the department, and was declared medically unfit even though his own doctor cleared him for work.

Then came the arrest. Babbs said he had merely put the wrong registration sticker on the wrong car. He said the other misdemeanor charge he faces, of filing a false police report, came after he filed a report that his license plate had been stolen after the city seized it without a warrant.

Read the full story on NBC Bay Area.

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  1. This is very interesting to hear the other side of this story… Any plans from Mission Local to get a response from SFPD on Babbs’ allegations? Particularly concerning the details around the license plate / police report issue, which seems like the facts would be readily available either way (as opposed to trying to substantiate that Babbs is being “forced out” – which is much more subjective). are there any more details about this whole story?

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