The Mealmade website announces the transition to a restaurant called Kitava

Miguel Jara of La Taqueria is turning 75! And his family is throwing him a big ol’ party — with your help.

The details:

If you’re interested in hearing Jara talk about La Taqueria, here’s an audio piece we did with him a couple of years ago.

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Remember Mealmade on Mission Street in the old McDonald’s by 16th Street?

They’ve rebranded into a restaurant

For a while, they were open to sit-down guests, not just a delivery service (though, if memory serves, they didn’t accept cash). Now it seems the plan is to go full-on restaurant — once renovations are done, which might help relieve some cognitive dissonance of walking into what still looks very much like a McDonald’s and ordering from a revolving menu of paleo and keto foods.

Here’s the restaurant’s explanation of the new plan, and name, in their own words.

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Housing bills galore

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a slew of bills (15) aimed at the housing crisis. Among them, a new $75 fee on real estate transactions will help raise $250 million a year for affordable funding, infill projects will be streamlined and local governments will have a more difficult time turning down low and moderate income projects.Here’s the whole lowdown at the San Francisco Chronicle.   We will see.

A fundraiser for kids!

Johanna Sorrentino at Project Commotion writes that the nonprofit organization for children and families located at 17th and Harrison will be holding a fundraiser event on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 6 to 9 at the Mission Neighborhood Center. You can get your tickets here.

The money will go to “ensuring that the children in our community who need it most have access to stimulating physical activities and sensory experiences that help foster healthy cognitive and social-emotional development.”

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