Trudy Mitchell. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong
Trudy Mitchell. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong.

Trudy Mitchell

Vibe: Just as we were photographing and interviewing Lucia and Gia, Trudy walked by with her friends looking like a badass. Someone yelled out to her, “I love your Afro!” before we caught up to her. The Tupac shirt was a bold sartorial nod to a Bay Area legend (made bolder by the fact that it looked like that was all she was wearing — but she was also wearing jean shorts). Paired with Doc Martens and bohemian jewelry, she looked like the kind of girl who could be your most stylish hippie friend … but who could still turn around and kick some ass. I also loved her quote on Tupac.

Brands: Fade to Black t-shirt by local designer David Black, Doc Marten boots she found on the top of a car in the Haight, rings that were gifts from family members, earrings from her grandmother (components from earrings attached to nose ring), nose ring from Evangeline’s in Sacramento, Forever 21 choker, thrifted socks.

What do you think Tupac represents? Oh, that’s a good one. I, honestly, I don’t know. I think he represents so much more than he is as a human being, because people take him, and like, make him something, like a symbol. Something instead of just like, him as a person himself. I don’t know, I look up to him a lot. I admire him, and it’s not just because of his music. It just, like I’ve listened to interviews and stuff, and just the things he says. I feel if more people thought that way nowadays, it might not be as bad as it is. I don’t know, man. Tupac’s lit.

Amanda Weston and her dog Charlie. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong.

Amanda Weston

Vibe: Amanda was in a group oozing with style, but her look stood out the most. She was on trend in velvet, but the entire vibe was old-school-‘70s-meets-‘90s-meets-today. Extra points for her pooch, Charlie, giving face for the camera.

Brands: Fashion Nova bandeau, Urban Outfitters jean shorts, Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

What does style mean to you? It means expression and not giving a fuck — sorry — as long as you like what you’re wearing.

Annie Vasishta. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong.

Annie Vasishta

Vibe: We saw Annie’s cute denim top from afar and decided to approach her. As we did, she and her group were having fun, dancing and rapping along with Cardi B’s single, “Bodak Yellow.” Her outfit was summery with cultural details, but what came out of her mouth blew away anything she could have been wearing.

Brands: Zara top and shorts, Payless sandals, Ray-Ban sunglasses, earrings from her friend Elisa in Hayward. Regarding “the ghetto hoops:” “fashion that comes out of the ghetto becomes commercialized when people want it to become commercialized. Like now, everyone is all about the hoops, and the hoop earrings, and the hoop nose rings. But this is something I got back in middle — or high school. It has, like, more of a symbolic meaning for me, at least.

What do you want people to know about Bay Area natives? Ooo. Bay Area natives are the realest of the real. Like, we are real, we are loyal. We are here for homies and people. And we get it. I feel that the Bay has become so gentrified, and it’s really saddening. Like, there was a time that walking in West Oakland was legitimately unsafe for me. And now it’s safe, and it’s, yeah, it’s cool, I have safety, but it takes away from the culture. And I think, as a Bay Area local, I’m saddened to see the people of color being pushed out systemically in so many ways. If you’re a Bay Area local, you gotta understand that this is a POC place. This is, like, where the culture really started, with the people of color. And you can’t just like take that over. It’s not just for the culture. Like, you can’t just wear hoop earrings. Like, you gotta be more than that.

Sharon Liu. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong.

Sharon Liu

Vibe: Sharon was another fashionista we peeped in line at Bi-Rite waiting to grab ice cream. Her look was so cute and stylish, yet effortless. Her cutesy haircut and overall vibe brought to mind a throwback Winona Ryder.

Brands: Hollister dress, Sutro boots, Persol sunglasses

Who do you look to for inspiration when you’re putting together your outfits? My roommates, I guess?

Gia Montoya and Lucia De Leon. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong.

Gia Montoya (left, in photo)

Vibe: Gia’s look was just very laid-back yet fashionable. Her heeled platform boots kept the look from being too casual, and the floral tote was on trend and pretty. She also used dailies total 1 lenses for her eyes that enhanced her look.

Brands: Forever 21 top, Express jeans, Cathy Jean shoes.

What trend do you wish would go away? Hmm. OK, does it have to be in fashion? That eyebrow swerve, like the little wave thing? I’m not having that.

Lucia De Leon (right, in photo)

Vibe: Nothing says friendship than color-coordinating with your friend. Lucia and Gia got the memo that burgundy is a big color for fall, as the pair both were wearing merlot toppers. Lucia embraced the current ‘90s trend with a choker, ‘90s-style belt, and finished the look with the prettiest rose-embroidered mules. The bold lipstick was a vibrant and unexpected finishing touch.

Brands: “Honestly, it’s just a whole bunch of Forever. Forever 21. Strictly.”

What is your favorite trend happening right now? I like the ‘90s look. The hipster-classy look. It’s like my perfect medium.

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