Think food truck, but for cannabis. That’s the concept behind the CannaBus you may have seen parked on Valencia and 19th streets Tuesday.

Cannabus launched just a week ago, and has been parking in various parts of the Bay Area — Telegraph and Durant in Berkeley, 16th and Guerrero and in the Haight in San Francisco — every day, offering its wares to qualifying customers.

Manager Matthew Ehorn told me that the mobile dispensary, created inside a former transit bus, is the first of its kind.

“So, weed on wheels?” one enthusiastic passerby said, before trying to head inside to check out the bus — he was quickly ushered back to the entrance.

Cannabis dispensaries only admit people with a recommendation for medical cannabis use from a doctor, and patients must be adults and become members of the dispensary collective to enter.

So, not just anyone can waltz in to buy an eighth.

Inside the Cannabus. Photo courtesy of an employee.

Nonetheless, the CannaBus is meant to make cannabis easy to access, and to be a bit of a novelty, Ehorn said.

“It’s just a different way of doing it, it’s more accessible and gets out to the public,” Ehorn said. “Honestly, people love it.”

In other spots, the roving pot shop has been a hit, drawing lines of at least ten at a time with dozens more flocking out front. On Valencia?

“Valencia has been a little bit slow,” Ehorn said.

Disclosure: The writer’s partner works in the medical cannabis industry, in a business unrelated to the one profiled here.

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