Update: After completing their personal count, Handstand believes they have broken the world record and are waiting for the approval of Guinness World Records.

Did 427 volunteers in Dolores Park this afternoon break the Guinness world record for most people doing handstands at once? The verdict is still out.

The event organizing company Handstand, who orchestrated the attempt, said they were conducting their own count and would release the findings this evening or tomorrow. If they are successful, they will send the photographs to Guinness, which will recount the numbers itself.

To break the current record — 399 people in Belgium in 2007 — Handstand needed as least 400 people whose feet were all in the air at the same time. They used a drone to photograph the scene from above.

An organizer from Handstand leads the crowd as the picture-taking drone hovers overhead.

Although at first they were about 50 people shy of the 400 mark, the crowd recruited extra members from the hills of the park by chanting “Come do a handstand!”

Erin Conn, a representative from AcroSports, was optimistic that they would succeed. She coached participants beforehand, telling them to have strong arms, and to “keep reaching up to the sky with your feet.”