Police officers at Mission Police station managed to de-escalate a confrontation with a man brandishing a knife early Monday morning, ending the encounter with no serious injuries.

Public Information Officer Giselle Talkoff wrote in a statement that around 3:15 a.m., police received a call about a man yelling on Sycamore Street, an alley that ends at Valencia Street directly across from the parking lot of the Mission Police Station.

The 55-year-old man crossed Valencia into the station’s parking lot,  brandishing a knife. He advanced through the parking lot with the knife, and approached some officers, Talkoff wrote.

The noise was loud enough to wake up nearby resident Ed Lee (no relation to the San Francisco Mayor) who wrote to Mission Local that he heard “a man screaming and yelling right outside the station.”

He wrote that he couldn’t make out what he was saying, “but he sounded angry, possibly drunk, or possibly mentally ill.”

The officers took cover and then tried a few different methods to de-escalate the situation, Talkoff wrote.

“Using time and distance, the officers called for additional units. Several officers arrived on scene and gave commands for the subject to put down the knife,” Talkoff wrote.

The man held on to the knife. Officers then fired a few rounds from an Extended Range Impact Weapon, which fires beanbag projectiles. The beanbag rounds failed to disarm the man.

A policeman then arrived on the scene and fired a 40mm foam baton round, which caused the man to drop the knife and drop to the ground. Officers took the man into custody and transported him to the hospital for medical evaluation of some bruising and abrasions.

It’s unclear whether the man was mentally ill, though Talkoff said that would be looked into.  About ten minutes elapsed between the first call about the man and his being taken into custody.

A reader, who requested anonymity, also reported the incident to Mission Local, though they reported hearing loud noises like gunshots or firecrackers.

“About nine marked police cars and then two unmarked flew down to the station at speed,” the reader said. “Somebody was down in the parking lot for a good ten minutes, and then the ambulance came.”

Talkoff said no officers were injured, and no firearms were discharged, during the confrontation.

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