Photo by Molly Oleson.

It’s time for MAPP, the Mission Arts Performance Project, when spaces around the neighborhood are opened up to the public and come alive with performances. This month, the organizers want to demonstrate their solidarity and the city’s role as a sanctuary, declaring that “The Mission will melt I.C.E. through our sanctuary & solidarity.”

Venues around the neighborhood including bookstores, art galleries, and even a garden will host poetry, music, and other art for all to enjoy throughout the evening of Saturday, June 3. Full schedules are attached below as images (click to enlarge).

You can dive into the story behind MAPP, or take a trip down memory lane, in this 2014 story about the project.

Here’s a sample from a previous MAPP, captured by contributor George Lipp:

Here’s a map of venues:

And here are the schedules:

MAPP schedule June 3 2017
MAPP schedule June 3 2017

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