New bakery Kahnfections offers tasty, unpretentious snacks

Kahnfections, 3321 20th Street. Photo by Lola M. Chavez

Kahnfections, which opened its doors on 20th Street between Folsom and Shotwell streets for the first time on Friday, May 6, serves baked goods that are “honest, not pretentious and not really expensive,” according to owner and baker Judy Kahn.

Kahn started Kahnfections five years ago as an online business that catered to large parties and ran it out of a commercial kitchen in Bernal Heights. But her dream had always been to operate a local bakery, so when Green Heart Foods moved out of the storefront on 20th street, Kahn seized the opportunity to open in the location.

The store’s motto is “classic sweet treats,” and with that, it offers a standard selection of croissants, coffeecake and scones, most priced around $3. As an afternoon snack, Kahn suggested the carmelita bar, a brown sugar oat bar with a layer of caramel and chocolate chips. It’s gluten-free, but, Kahn says, “You wouldn’t know it.”

Kahnfections employee Iris Powell’s personal favorite item on the menu is the gianduja croissant, a nutella-based pastry. She also recommended the chocolate croissant.

“They’re not like any chocolate croissant,” she told me. “Usually, they’re really light, but these are darker.”

One of their specialties is biscuits, which come in buttermilk, cheddar bacon and swiss. They also have the more unusual “everything croissant” — a cream cheese-filled pastry inspired by the everything bagel.

“It’s pretty good,” Powell said. “Especially if you toast it. Super good.”

I went with Kahn’s recommendation and tried the carmelita bar. She was right; the bar was delicious, a crumbly and creamy dessert with a crunchy oat base and sweet caramel top. It looked just like what it was—no frills or extra decoration. As Kahn said, it was an honest dessert.

Kahnfections is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends.

Kahnfections, 3321 20th Street. Photo by Lola M. Chavez

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  1. I walk past this spot every morning, but haven’t seen it open. I just assumed it wasn’t open to the public. I think I walked by it this morning at 9am, but didn’t notice an open door. Are the hours listed above correct?

    • Mark Kahn

      Yes, the hours are correct. If you walked by at 9am, we were definitely open (though the door would not be propped open).

  2. AJP

    Yeah I live one block away on 20th and somehow have never noticed – you all need a sidewalk sign!

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