Following Doc’s Clock’s displacement from the building that housed it for some six decades, owner Carey Suckow learned this week that she will not only have to part with the space, but also the beloved Mission bar’s iconic neon sign.

After the bar’s building switched hands last summer, Suckow accepted the end of an era at 2575 Mission St. when the new owner refused to renew the bar’s lease, which expires in July. But she wasn’t ready to walk out on the business that she has owned since 2005 and managed to secure a new location down street, at 2417 Mission St., where she hopes to reopen by July 1.

Suckow had hoped to bring the distinguishing sign and marquee that reads “Doc’s Clock Cocktail Time” with her, but faced opposition by 2575 Mission St.’s new owner, Leticia Luna, who reportedly plans to open a new restaurant in the space and the sign will stay in place.

“Unfortunately, we just learned that the sign will not be coming with us,” wrote Suckow in an email to Mission Local. “We are saddened by this loss of our history, but we will rebuild one and it will be even better.”

Doc’s Clock will serve its last drink at 2575 Mission St. this Saturday. The move and final preparations to its new location are expected to take less than a month.