After four years in their Guerrero Street space, to which they located from Cortland Avenue, Bernal Cutlery is expanding its operations to a second space.

In a time marked by numerous business shutdowns, of both older and newer businesses, the knife shop and sharpening service, in business since 2005, is instead expanding. A new location around the corner from its current location at 593 Guerrero Street will be at 3505 17th Street.

Sharpening services at the Guerrero Street location had become so popular that the store’s capacity was overburdened, so a new location will mean quicker turnaround for the service. The 17th Street location will also boast more knife skills and sharpening classes taught by owner Josh Donald and staff. Students, too, have begun to outgrow the original curriculum, prompting Donald to offer advanced classes. Additions to the curriculum expand beyond knife skills, as Kelly Kozak, Donald’s wife and Bernal Cutlery’s co-owner, will also offer classes focused on food justice and nutrition.

Owners and staff will celebrate the expansion on April 28 with sidewalk grilling, snacks, and demonstrations of how to break down fish.