Photo: DJ Ahmed via 100 Days Action

To mark President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, an artist coalition called 100 Days Action will host a dance party featuring music and DJs from the seven countries affected by Trump’s travel ban. The event takes place Saturday, April 29 at the Gray Area on Mission Street.

“We believe it is important to insist on joy when things are bleak, on exuberance when our identities are miscounted,” 100 Days Action wrote in a statement.

Among those performing will be Hagage Masaed, DJ Sepehr, DJ Ahmed, Aria Rostami and Daniel Blomquist and sound artist Surabhi Saraf. 100 Days Action will hand out sashes bearing political catchphrases like “Nasty Women,” “Bad Hombre,” “I survived the 100 Days,” and will offer party-goers the chance to make their own.

The dance party is one of 152 actions organized by the coalition, which also hosts weekly events and puts on solo exhibitions critical of the Trump agenda.

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