Alex Quintana, the victim of a brutal beating by a group of bikers on Highway 101, speaks with Kron4 from his hospital bed. Still image taken from Kron4 video interview.

Police have made no arrests in the March 8 beating of Lyft driver on the southbound Highway 101 by a group of some 15 dirt bikers, captured in a cell phone video that went viral. On Tuesday, the victim, 35-year-old Alex Quintana, turned to the public for help in finding his attackers.

According to KRON4 News, The attack sent Quintana to San Francisco General Hospital, where he remains almost a week after the incident with a broken nose, abrasions and nerve damage. His leg is broken in three places, and after having undergone one surgery already, Quintana told Kron4 that he will need another.

One of the bikers, he said in an interview with ABC7, looked Quintana in the eyes as he ran over his leg.

He will likely need months of rehab to recover from the incident.

“There’s a lot of nerve damage, something that opioid medication can’t even really touch,” Quintana told KRON4. He is a Modesto resident and the father of an infant, he told TV reporters. Quintana is employed with the ride share companies Lyft and Uber and commuted to the Bay Area for work.

He said he first witnessed the group “drive recklessly” during rush hour on March 8, taking over the freeway to do wheelies and tricks. As seen in the video footage captured by another motorist, Quintana’s white Toyota Corolla came in contact with one of the bikers while switching lanes, although it is unclear who bumped who first.

Quintana told KRON4 that the group began yelling at him and accusing him of trying to run one of the bikers over, but Quintana said that he was simply trying to maneuver around them. The confrontation escalated when a black car, seemingly working with the bikers, cut Quintana off and the group boxed him in and began vandalizing his car.

After one of the bikers broke off his mirror, Quintana told station reporters he exited his car to confront him. That’s when the bikers descended on Quintana, beating him severely as the man fell to the ground in the middle of the freeway.

“If there weren’t so many people that had videotaped the video, they could’ve got away with killing me on the side of the road or something,” he told KRON4.

KRON4 reports that at least eight eye witnesses to the incident have been identified. His attackers, who fled the scene and have evaded arrest so far, are part of a local bike gang known to California Highway Patrol as the “12 O’Clock Boys,” Quintana told ABC 7.

California Highway Patrol is turning to the public for leads and information on their whereabouts, and a GoFundme campaign that has been set up to assist Quintana with his medical expenses has raised some $4,600 in just four days.

California Highway Patrol is asking that those with information about the incident or the bikers report it to them at (415) 557-1094 during business hours or call the CHP Golden Gate Communications Center at (415) 551-4100 outside of business hours.

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  1. Bottom line: “Bikers” at fault for any and everything that happens in the wake of their mayhem. Godspeed to Quintana and his family. Shame of SF and SFPD for allowing this tragedy to unfold.

  2. Why would a person on a motorcycle deliberately run into the mirror of a car, lose control amd risk crashing and being run over? Why? I am not excusing reckless behavior on the part of the bikers but I do think this driver became angry, got agressive and tried to move into the lane the biker was in and made contact. I am also not excusing the action of rhe people that beat him but I do believe the driver isn’t innocent of wrong doing.

  3. Mr. Quintana, I am so sorry that you were so brutally beaten by a group of homicidal maniacs. I do hope you get the support and medical care you need to recover from this horrific event. Those guys are a menace and they’ve gotten away with this dangerous behavior for far too long. A plan must be devised to deal with this group because they will not stop until they have killed someone and maybe not even then. I’d so love to see those pathetic losers come across a large number of real bikers who could show them a thing or two about terrorizing people. Blessings to you and your family, Mr. Quintana and much luck with your healing process.

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