The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury, a civilian watchdog body that investigates and reports on various aspects of city government, needs its next crop of jurors. Applications are due by May 31.

Recent Civil Grand Jury reports have scrutinized the efficacy of the Department of Building Inspections and investigated the internal procedures that are triggered when a police officer shoots someone. Serving on the jury means putting in a minimum of 500 hours between July 1 2017 and June 30 2018. Meetings take place Monday nights from 4-7 p.m., but according to the Civil Grand Jury webpage, “most committee work takes place during regular working hours.”

Who can be a juror? Per the webpage, nearly any local resident citizen, but here are the specifics:

Grand Jury eligibility includes: US citizenship, minimum age 18, residency in the City & County of San Francisco for at least one year, ordinary intelligence, good character and a working knowledge of English. (Persons are ineligible to serve if they have been discharged from the grand jury within one year, are currently serving on a trial jury, are elected public officials, or have been convicted of a felony.)
Jurors must by law disclose all investments and business positions in and/or income from any entity that has conducted business within the City & County in the previous two years, as well as income from all employees of the City and County and all interests in real property. These become matters of public record.

Those interested should,  however, also have good writing and research skills, be interested in civic engagement, and of course not balk at the idea of having to reach consensus with 18 other people.

Interested potential jurors should fill out an application form, found here.

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