This first ran on March 29, 2009. 

On Valentine’s Day, I always think of Leo & Lupe, featured in one of my favorite Mission Local videos. Today, I caught up with Lupe Bravo, now 84, for an update. Only recently, she said, did the pair stop dancing regularly because Leo Ansis, now 91, moved into senior housing downtown.

“Life changes,” Bravo said, “but we still care for one another and If I Give You My Love is still our theme song.”

Ansis, she said, has remained in good shape and she sees him once a week. If he comes over, she said, “We still put on our CDs and dance.”

When we first did this video, Bravo was 76, and Ansis, 81. They met through their shared love of dancing. Later, they fell in love.

Many thanks to the Capp Street Senior Center for opening their doors for Mission Local.