An "Impeach President Bannon" poster on 24th Street. Photo by Laura Wenus

A group of six media workers around the country have chosen to mark Presidents’ Day with posters aimed at Steve Bannon, the far-right, nationalist Breitbart editor turned top presidential adviser.

They’ve started a social media and poster campaign aimed at “President Bannon,” a reference to fears that Bannon’s radical right-wing ideology and extraordinary influence make him disproportionately powerful.

One of the posters at 16th and Folsom streets. Photo courtesy of the organizers.

“He’s like Wormtongue from Lord Of The Rings, but nobody in his purview is noble,” the organizers wrote on their site. “So, here we are forming our own “We Just Want Sh*t To Be Sane” Super PAC.  And protecting what our grandparents and parents (of all political leanings) have literally fought to build. Not on our watch, Bannon.”

The posters are going up on billboards across the country, including at multiple locations in the Mission. Installation is expected to be complete by the end of the day.

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