Adobe Books was burglarized for the second time this year on Monday night, thieves skipping over the books and instead taking a cash register, stealing a safe, and smashing two doors.

“They managed to pry off the entire register box,” said Brett Lockspeiser, a worker-owner at the bookstore collective at 3130 24th St. “When we came inside, the keys were here but the lockbox was gone.”

The thieves gained entry by hitting a lockbox outside the front gate and helping themselves to the keys, including one to the front door.

Once inside the building, the thieves went for the expensive items: they took two iPads that were locked onto the wooden desk at the front and removed a bolted-down cash register. They then went into the store, smashed through two internal doors, and removed a small safe.

Lockspeiser estimated the total cost — stolen cash, iPads, and damaged property — would run to some $3,000.

The police were alerted about the burglary, and Lockspeiser even showed them a “Find my iPad” feature on his phone that gave the approximate location of one of the stolen devices. But the police needed a specific address to act, he said, and would not go off of the dot on his map.

The store was also burglarized on New Year’s Day, Lockspeiser said. That time, the thieves gained entry by using the keys in the lockbox but didn’t take anything. Lockspeiser guessed they were scoping out the scene and returned on Monday with the tools they needed.

The store replaced the lockbox from that burglary with a more secure one, but that one too was broken into.

Lockspeiser said the store would improve its security practices and will not replace the lockbox on the outside of the store. He said with some 20 workers and volunteers, it was difficult to give everybody access in other ways, but they would brainstorm a solution that beefed up security at the store.

“We are learning a lot of things about security here,” he said.

A replacement door has already been offered to the store, and the store’s workers are seeking more donations online — an iPad, a cash register, locks, a safe, security systems, and locksmith services.

Those who wish to donate to Adobe Books can email for a list of needed items.

This story has been updated to remove mention of the amount of cash held in the register and safe and the location of the safe.