Workingman’s Headquarters, presumed closed forever, opened its doors briefly on New Year’s eve.

Although the brothers who own the handyman shop repeatedly refused to be written about (Mission Local asked on several occasions), a passerby noticed that the doors were open and took a few photographs.

Yelp reviews show a full five stars with decent reviews.  One yelper even commented on the brothers’ jackets: “brothers who look like they are as old as the sands of time, and walk around in these really awesome knee-length blue lab coats.”

Located at 2871 Mission Street, the Workingman’s Headquarters still remains a mystery.

Joe. Photo by Elizabeth Bell

Joe, one of the brothers. Photo by a contributor

Photo by Elizabeth Bell

Photo by a contributor

Photo by Elizabeth Bell

Pictured: an old photograph of the brothers outside the shop in 1934. Photo by a contributor