New Mission Park Opening Delayed Due to Rain

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

A recent spell of heavy rainfall has caused a delay in the construction of a new Mission District park, was scheduled to open to the public at 17th and Folsom streets at the end of 2016.

Construction of the 31,850-square-foot park, spearheaded by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, has been underway since March, although the plans for the park have been in the works for almost a decade. The department stewards 14 parks in the Mission, including Dolores Park, and three community gardens.

The park planned at 17th and Folsom streets will now likely open in the spring, once the rain clears, according to Joey Kahn, a spokesperson for the department, although a fixed date has yet to be set.

“We had hoped to open the park in Winter 2016-2017 (December 21-March 20) but had to extend the construction schedule due to December’s heavy rains,” Kahn wrote in an email, adding that the project expenditures “remain within budget,” despite the delay. The park is a $5.2 million project largely funded by a state grant.  

Once open, the park will feature a grass lawn, a performance space, an adult fitness area and a playground, as well as a community garden and an “interactive water feature” commemorating Mission Creek.

“We’re looking forward to celebrating the opening of the new park with the community – this parkland will help revitalize and provide open space to the Mission community,” wrote Kahn.

The department began working with the community in 2008 to develop a portion of a parking lot at 17th and Folsom streets. A construction contract was awarded to the project in 2010.

According to Kahn, the park will be the first neighborhood park built by the department in over a decade.

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  1. David Hooper

    The nice thing about the design for is park is the accommodations that the City and the SFPUC have made for the periodic sewer flooding at 17th & Folsom. Some tightly designed concrete walkways, a few “flooding barriers”, a gentle receding of the waters and everything will be just fine. Planning!

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