Crime Recap: Man Punched in Face in Scuffle Over Backpack

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A man was struck in the face in an assault Tuesday afternoon in the Mission District, sending him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The 39-year-old victim was walking down Mission Street between 16th and 17th streets near 4:36 p.m. when another man of unknown age came up behind him.

The second man tried to grab the victim’s backpack and a struggle ensued. The suspect then punched the victim in the face before running away on foot without the backpack. The police have not made an arrest.

Also on Tuesday, a 45-year-old man was in his home on 26th Street between Mission and Valencia streets when he heard his garage door open near 7:48 p.m.. The man opened his front door and looked out, seeing a suspect of unknown age with things from his garage. The victim yelled at him, causing the suspect to drop some things before fleeing on foot. The victim lost a bicycle in the hot prowl burglary. The police have not made an arrest.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services, which can be found hereVictims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF.

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  1. Chris Anon

    Did the victims, police or ML get any suspect information to help the community protect themselves?

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