After 11 years in business and a move from Valencia to Mission Street, the midcentury furniture store The Touch has closed.

The owner’s brother-in-law, who was clearing out the remaining inventory at 2221 Mission St, said a health complication had prompted the owner to close the store.

Mission Street between 18th and 19th Street now sports a dense cluster of empty storefronts. The vacancies begin at the corner of 18th and Mission streets with the long-vacant former dollar store on the corner.  There’s also the recently shuttered Goodwill, the former New Starlight Furniture, the now-empty religious reading room,  and the restaurant that was briefly Hapa Ramen and then temporarily Citizen Fox.

The space formerly occupied by New Starlight Furniture
The Christian Reading Room has been closed for some time now.
The space formerly occupied by Hapa Ramen and then Citizen Fox.
A notice in the window at a recently closed Goodwill.

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  1. I own a small business and I ask myself all the time “how much longer can you go on working just to pay bills and never see a profit (or salary for that matter).

  2. quite a long list. Possibly adding to the list, anybody know what’s the status of the space along that block that used to be The Dark Room Theater?