The San Francisco Board of Supervisors commended the city’s Homeless Outreach Team for its work reaching out to and offering services to the homeless.

Supervisor Malia Cohen initiated the commendation for “serving city’s homeless population and selfless deication to building bridges out of homelessness.”

Accepting the commendation on behalf of the team, HOT director Jim Zelaya-Wagner addressed his team.

“You work with some of the the most underprivileged and disenfranchised human beings in the city,” he told them. “I will be forever grateful and honored to be your director.”

Supervisors Campos and Mar, who have both joined the HOT team as it conducts it work, praised the personable manner of team members.

“When I’ve ridden along with he HOT team through parts of Golden Gate Park or the Greenbelt, what struck me is, you know peoples’ names, you know their background, their needs. You humanize them, don’t demonize them,” Mar said.

“[I have] seen firsthand the amazing work that you do the way in with you deal with very complicated issues the way that you respect the dignity and humanity of every person,” Campos said.

Jeff Kositsky, who heads the Department of Homelessness, also lauded the team for its empathy with those it serves.

“Rarely do we ever read about the men and women who every day are out in our community working with a very challenged population, with a high level of need, who are often ignored by hundreds of people a day.”