A discount goods store selling everything from clothes to small appliances to luggage on Mission near 20th Street is expected to shut down, perhaps as soon as the end of the year, its owner said.

“The population has changed, there’s no more Latinos,” said owner Manny Mack, who who has kept Sealand Trading Inc. at 2469 Mission St. for 25 years.

Sales have been down, though Mack didn’t give an estimate as to when his business declined.

He is unsure of a closing date yet, as he has to sell at least 35 percent of his inventory. He is aiming for sometime after Christmas, he said.

“Things are not easy. This area is changing,” he said. “The younger generation orders online, it’s very difficult.”

As for what’s next in his career,  Mack is unsure, though he somewhat jokingly suggested he might become a taxi driver. He used to live in the city, but moved to the East Bay a few years ago due to rising costs.