Find out Thursday when Mission Local will present a moderated panel discussion with the four candidates who want to be your next district supervisor.

When: Thursday, October 13th at 7 p.m.

Where: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission St. between 24th and 25th streets

Spanish interpretation will be available. Attendance is free.

Mission Local presenta: un debate en el que participarán los cuatro candidatos a supervisor distrital. Después del debate, habrá sesión de preguntas y respuestas entre el público y los candidatos. Habrá disponible servicio de interpretación simultánea en español.

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  1. Thanks, Mission Local, for the debate. I appreciate that the questions were about the future of the Mission rather than the lies of the campaign. (If I had moderated, I would have been less moderate.) Here are three suggestions for future years, when Mission Local will still be here to host debates.

    1. Give the moderator a checklist of candidate names for each question in a different order. It adds suspense when candidates and audience don’t know who the moderator will call on next. If the candidates don’t want to be surprised, then the moderator can announce the order before asking each question. “For the next question, the order will be España, Arce, Ronen, and San Miguel. In the Mission…?”

    In last night’s debate, the same candidate always spoke first and had to start answering immediately after the moderator asked the question. Another candidate always spoke last, always had the most time to think of an answer, and always had the last word.

    2. Check the microphones. Last night, one candidate had a microphone that made his voice sound tinny.

    3. Separate the roles of moderator and timekeeper. Someone offstage can say “Time!” or ring a bell when a candidate’s time is up. The moderator can pay more attention to the candidates and their answers if someone else is the timekeeper. When a candidate goes on way too long, the moderator will have more authority as the second person to say “Time!”

    Also, before the debate, email the candidates a reminder that they look more professional when they finish an answer before time is called.

    1. The other debates weren’t organized by us and we do intend to record and publish this one. Any offer of help is appreciated – I’ll ping you to discuss. Thanks!

  2. I’d like to hear the candidates address the deplorable public health conditions at Radulovich Plaza, alias BART’s 16th Street station.

    Have they taken any steps to sanitize the public space with BART, SFMTA, Clear Channel, Muni, DPH, DPW?

    What will they do btwn now and Election Day to clean up the dirt and debris at this vital transit hub?

    Are they concerned the BART D9 incumbent Tom Radulovich has ignored the unsanitary state of affairs at 16th and 24th stations, which are in his portfolio?

    There needs to be accountability of the public officials who’ve allowed 16th Street BART plazas to become unhealthy public spaces.