Taken the year Local Cellar Opened. Photo by Lydia Chávez

Noted election predictioneer Nate Silver may say Hillary Clinton has an 82 percent chance of becoming the next President, but some of the Mission’s more politically active residents aren’t taking any chances.

Yaron Milgrom, who runs both Local Mission Market on Harrison Street and Local Cellar on 22nd Street (no business affiliation with Mission Local), has begun hosting nightly phone banking events for Clinton.

“This is a historic vote and a necessary vote to continue the momentum to make this a more just and a more caring country,” he wrote.

The call parties will take over the back room of Local Cellar every night except Saturday nights from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with volunteers making a concerted effort to reach voters in Nevada and Arizona.

Local Cellar’s call parties come on the heels of a Mission District studio that turned into a Hillary Clinton call center in early October, as well as District 9 Supervisor hopeful Hillary Ronen. Ronen announced Thursday that she and three other women candidates in local races, who together have rolled out a joint plan for San Francisco, are now officially backing Clinton, calling her a “role model for many girls and women to aspire to serve the community in government.”

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  1. Quotes of Kim from the above link:

    And if one of them doesn’t win the election?
    “We would still continue with our platform,” Alvarenga said. “We have to make it possible. It’s not about individual politicians, it’s about preserving the heart and soul of San Francisco. We want to roll our sleeves up and get to work.”
    Hey Kim, what does that imply, the heart and soul of San Francisco, seriously? Been here since 1967, so let’s chat. Should we revert the Western Addition back to circa 1970, or North Beach back back to 1958? The Tenderloin back to 1994? The Mission back to…well, let’s not go there, right? Sounds to me like you’re not so convinced that change is good, especially when it comes to neighborhoods.
    As for that east-west subway, couldn’t agree more, but your kids will have kids before it happens. How about giving us some more one way streets, bike lanes included? Time to one-way Mission, Guerrero, South Van Ness, etc, pretty much all the way to Portrero. Time to one-way all the streets in the Mission for that matter. I’m tired of traffic blocking up for a half a block because some inconsiderate blockhead wants to make a left turn.
    By the way, Hillary Rodham as drinking-a-the-public-trough role model? Not so fast, girlfriend. Better turn on the tv or hit your favorite news link. She may be going down this time, and I don’t mean her run for President. Additionally, it is unarguable that Hillary is a war hawk and will most assuredly get us into a big league war somewhere, and god forbid it be with the former Soviets. This buzz is all over the internet and the Russians just ran a mock nuclear attack that mobilized forty million people. Yeah, forty million. If you’re not aware of this check my math. They are preparing for war in part because of her bellicosity, Hillary that is. Remember that when you hug your kids tonight because rhetoric aside, Trump wants to do deals, not wars. Did you know that studies show men take the death of a son harder that women? Fact.
    But that aside, if I were to give a young woman some sage advice it would be to find a conservative cause and run with it. Liberal minded, find a cause young women are dime a dozen: climate change, global warming, solar power, end fossil fuels, save the snakes, stop the pipeline, no offshore drilling, tear down corporate America, end racism, shackle law enforcement, shut down the Google buses, end evictions, end greed, so on and so forth. Most of them have never paid a PGE bill, or so it seems. Most of them have no idea what a dangerous job site smacks of or what it means to wake up with a back so sore its hard to get out of bed, motherhood aside and hats off there.
    Hey, good luck all but what about those tent cities?