A somewhat blustery and slightly overcast day didn’t deter hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists from strolling or cruising along Valencia Street on Sunday.

Live music in the streets and clouds of bubbles are hard to resist. But the civic engagement groups were particularly noticeable at this particular iteration of Sunday Streets as well, with both local political hopefuls and a plethora of organizations represented. Candidates for supervisor and state senate were out meeting and greeting, soda tax proponents invited passerby to guess the sugar content of various fizzy drinks, volunteers for the ACLU searched for supporters, an artist invited voters to write postcards with images of teachers on the front to their representatives to push for better treatment of educators, and the Public Press was peddled.

But of course not everyone was there to tackle difficult topics – it was a Sunday afternoon, after all. I encountered two birthdays (Happy Birthday to artist Dogpaw Carrillo and Casa Bonampak owner Nancy Chárraga!), three low-rider bicycles (the Slow Rydaz), two keyboardists (one with the keyboard mounted on an adult sized tricycle), one sidewalk dog adoption center, and probably hundreds of bubbles. Here are a few shots:

“Big Bones” selling cobbler by Lucca’s
Michael Roman’s art. Roman works out of the Redstone building and has a book of poetry and tow-zone-poster art forthcoming.
Former CCSF instructor Victoria Mara Heilweil and her daughter at Heilweil’s table, where people can write postcards to local representatives to try to improve the lot of teachers. Says Heilweil: “San Francisco Really is at the crossroads of this crisis.”
Veez and his low rider bike. The Oakland native builds the stylized bikes and shows them off at events like Sunday Streets.
Keyd, perfectly color-coordinated with his low rider bike, is part of the Slow Rydaz. “Since I was born I’ve been around low rider culture. It’s helped me stay positive.”
Passerby admire San Francisco icon prints by Amos Goldbaum
Multiwheel multitasker
Listening to the band, clapping along to the rhythm.
Kids learning about produce at the BiRite stand, starring one beautifully multifaceted tomato front and center.
Family Dog Rescue made some introductions.

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