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Wise Sons Deli on 24th Street near and Shotwell Street has closed its doors for a week starting July 18th to do a bit of sprucing up. With nearly five years of seven-days-a-week service, the interior was in need of some renovation, a spokesperson said. In the works: updated outdoor seating, a few changes to the interior main dining room, and some yet-to-be-revealed new menu items and drink specials.

From Wise Sons:

“The deli as it stands was the first true brick and mortar from Wise Sons, and was primarily constructed by Leo and Evan…Although most of the improvements will be behind the scenes, upon re-opening the 24th Street Deli will be able to provide a more enjoyable guest experience.”

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  1. I do hope Evan and Leo will mount a good surveilance camera system on the front and side of their building. During the past 5 weeks there has been 3 shootings at the corner of 24th and Shotwell St. One of the shooting victims was killed. Please support safety in your neigborhood by adding an effective security system to your business.
    Your neighbor on Shotwell St.

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