As tempers ran high on Wednesday over the killing of 45-year-old homeless man Luis Gongora by San Francisco police officers, members of a mostly faith-based group that has quietly but steadily kept attention on the case of Amilcar Perez-Lopez — another police shooting victim who was killed last year —  have vowed to up the ante.

The organizers, many of whom attend the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist or are members of the advocacy group Faith in Action, have decided to hold silent but highly visible vigils in front of Mission Police Station every week until District Attorney George Gascón decides whether or not he will bring criminal charges against the officers who shot Perez-Lopez.

As in Gongora’s case, witness and police accounts of what unfolded the night of February 26, 2015, were at odds – and eyewitness accounts were for a long time suppressed by fear of deportation. Nevertheless, more than a year later, advocates are still hoping for criminal charges. Watch their reasons why below: