Photo by Michael Johnson

Photos from Mission and 19th Streets.

Photo by Michael Johnson
Photo by Michael Johnson

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  1. The last MissionLocal article about this topic said there was a “Mixed Reaction” about these changes, and described a “skepticism among drivers and bus riders that the changes will be for the better.”

    How are people feeling about the changes?? Are they working

    The project was billed to improve things for bus riders and pedestrians, – which sounds good – but now that the transformations is becoming actualized, does it seem like things are for the better for bus riders and pedestrians?

    I’m seeing a increased tension between the pedestrians in the crosswalks, and the Northbound cars that are being required to turn right at 22nd, 20th and 16th, – so not so pedestrian friendly.

    And from the beginning, I never grasped how it helped the Mission to be losing bus stops on the odd numbered Streets.

    Probably its too soon to know, and we should give the project more of a chance to work, but its feeling like a big change.