A car was flipped over onto its side at approximately 9:40 a.m. Monday morning after two cars collided at the corner of 23rd and Mission streets when one of them ran a red light. One occupant of one of the vehicles was injured and taken to the hospital, but it was unclear which car the injured occupant was in.

A black Toyota SUV was on its side on 23rd Street outside the Walgreens while a beige sedan had significant damage to its front. Lieutenant Ron Banta from Mission Station said that one of the cars ran a red light and hit the other, but did not know whether the flipped-over SUV was the culprit.

“When two cars are going 30-40 miles per hour and collide, one of them is going to flip over,” said Banta, who was on the scene with other officers closing down the street. Mission Street was closed to traffic between 21st and 24th streets for about an hour after the accident, as crews worked to tow away the car wrecks.

Mariana Acevedo, who said she saw the entire incident, said the injured passenger was a female senior who ran the red light going southbound on Mission Street. The black SUV was heading westbound on 23rd Street when it was hit by the senior in her beige sedan, Acevedo said, which caused it to flip over.

“The black car was crossing the street, and the other one ran the red light,” she said.

Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.