Transit riders and drivers alike should brace themselves for some significant changes coming to Mission Street’s traffic rules, some coming as early as this month.

As of Friday, 14 and 49 buses have eliminated stops at 15th, 19th, 21st and 23rd streets. Over the next two months, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will paint red transit-only lanes all along the corridor. Finally, between March and April, left turns will be prohibited all along the Mission Street corridor, from 14th Street to Cortland Avenue, and right turns will be required at some intersections.

Starting in March, the agency will calm traffic along Mission Street by rolling out forced right turns away from Mission Street. Northbound car traffic (buses and bikes are exempt) on Mission Street will be required to turn right at 26th, 24th, 22nd 20th and 16th streets.

Until then, as the transit agency paints the red transit-only lanes, parking and loading zones along the curb will be temporarily unavailable in the stretches where crews are working. Bus stops may also be temporarily relocated, and though through traffic will be allowed, alternative routes are encouraged. The transit agency will post signs and notices for parking restrictions and bus stop changes prior to beginning construction.

The changes are intended to reduce travel times for the estimated 65,000 transit rides taken on Mission corridor bus lines every day. SFGate reports an especially high concentration of Mission street transit riders are dependent on public transportation to get around. The agency hopes to reduce total travel time along the corridor by five minutes in each direction.