The Mission Hiring Hall kicked off a crowdfunding effort on Monday to raise money for clients who are seeking work while living in unstable housing situations.

“What we really want to do is help people get all the things that they need to get set up again,” Brice Turney, a program counselor at Mission Hiring Hall, said. “So things like mailboxes, so they have an address that mail can be delivered to, and storage units, since people might be living out of their cars and in a storage unit they’d be able to keep their things safe.”

Turney said that because their grant funding often comes with restrictions on what it can be used for, like dress clothes or bus passes, Mission Hiring Hall is unable to buy other essentials clients might need for successful interviews, especially clients who are living in shelters or on the street.

“Most everyone we see has already lost their housing and is in a shelter,” Turney said of the homeless employment and training portion of Mission Hiring Hall. He said Mission Hiring Hall has been able to help more than 100 homeless people this year either land a secure job or become trained. That number increased by 10 to 20 people from last year because of how difficult housing has become in San Francisco.

Turney added that the “dream goal” of Mission Hiring Hall is to get strong enough support with this fundraiser to justify permanently adding temporary housing to its program offerings. That would make helping clients find a stable home a staple of the organization. But that’s a “long-term” goal he says hasn’t been officially adopted.

“This is sort of a pilot to see what money we can raise and see how we can connect with the community,” he said. “We’re really just seeing what we can do.”

If you’d like to donate, go here. Mission Hiring Hall is hoping to raise $10,000.

Read their full statement here:

Historically high rents, a lack of affordable housing options, and a spate of tenant evictions from rent-controlled units are all exacerbating our crisis of homelessness in San Francisco. Many of our homeless clients at Mission Hiring Hall are working full time and still not able to move out of shelter into market rate housing. Affordable housing options in the Bay Area are limited and often require qualified candidates to wait years before they are offered a unit, if ever. Many of the resources that you and I take for granted are not available to employees who are experiencing homelessness. Regular access to beds, showers, laundry, business attire, uniforms, specialized footwear, tools, secure storage, transportation and other needed resources to retain employment and build a sustainable career are typically not available to individuals who are homeless. We are raising money to provide resources to our homeless clients that are not available or insufficient through existing programs. Our clients are highly motivated, job-ready, and ready to work! We want to help them achieve self-sufficiency by providing professional clothing, personal grooming items, backpacks, briefcases, mailboxes, storage units, school supplies, educational materials, and potentially even subsidized housing while they complete vocational training programs.