It didn’t need to rain much last year – the low lying areas around 17th Street and Folsom still flooded. SF Water and PUC are encouraging business and residents in the flood zone to apply for grants to remedy some of the problems.

Here’s a new message on on the grants from Idil Bereket, the spokesperson at SF Water.

Hello everyone,

The rainy season is coming up, and as many residents in low-lying areas know well, with intense rains can come street flooding and property damage. And now is the time to get ready! We at the SFPUC want to help San Franciscans prepare for the rainy season and we’ve developed a number of programs to help do so: Here is another reminder that our innovative Floodwater Grant reimburses applicants for the costs of installing flood barriers, backflow preventers, plumbing modifications, and other measures to protect properties from flooding. We reimburse up to $30,000 per parcel, including design and engineering fees.

If you are you already in the process of applying for the Grant, and don’t have an idea what projects might work for your property, here are some considerations: We have developed a list of example concepts for special projects. Go through the list and find out what works best for you. We are not recommending any one project type over another, nor is the list intended to be a comprehensive one. Also, you may propose special projects that are not included in the attached – this document may be used just as a starting point. We highly recommend that applicants work with their engineer and/or contractor to identify the appropriate project type for their property.

To learn more and to apply, please go to

For questions about the Grant, or if you require assistance in completing the application, please contact the SFPUC Grant Administrator by email at or by phone at 415-695-7326.


– Idil