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In an e-mail that ends with a slam at SF Planning for not being able to “see beyond the narrow scope of what they feel should occupy the space on an otherwise forgotten block of Valencia Street,”  the North American sales director for Pagani Worldwide, explained what Pagani wanted to do at 461 Valencia.    The e-mail from William Collick was addressed to Mission Local and characterized as an “official response.”   Here is Collick’s e-mail in full – the sections in bold were formatted by Collick.

Pagani Automobili was quite excited to launch the first PAGANI Concept Space in North America in San Francisco!

At PAGANI, we see ourselves as a design company, which happened to make a car as its first product…but we always dreamed of making more!  Our founder, Horacio Pagani, continues to be the company’s Chief Designer, and he and his team spend their days designing products that range from jewelry, clothing, interior design products in addition to the cars.

Consequently, the main focus of our PAGANI Concept Space would have been to generally promote the PAGANI brand, to showcase and sell our non-automotive products and highlight the company’s identity as a design firm.

Retail offerings include: adult and children’s apparel, accessories such as wallets, luggage sets, belts and a line of interior design furniture and home design accessories.  For a limited number of products, like luggage and furniture, PAGANI would have given customers the ability to customize the products to their exact specification.  As part of this service, our Valencia Street location would have featured a customization studio, where clients will be able to examine samples, use our digital configuration tools, and receive individualized attention, to bring their vision to life.

San Francisco, and in particular the Mission District, were chosen over many other potential North American locations for this unique retail experience.  Our Italian parent company feels strongly that the unique blend of street art, epicurean variety, and entrepreneurial energy present in the Mission, create an amazing and unique environment that aligns greatly with our brand’s core values.

We also planned to involve members of the community, by hosting a “Mural Design” competition.  Our intention is to create a beautiful continuation of the “Art Walk” on Caledonia Street.  It is important to underline that, in no way, should the PAGANI Concept Space be confused with a car dealership!

The retail strategy we are following is similar to the strategy the Ferrari employs at their Ferrari Store on Stockton Street, or by Porsche with their Porsche Design store on Grant.  In both cases, the companies are leveraging the strength of their car brand to sell a mix of retail products, which are completely separate from any car sales activities.

For your reference, PAGANI cars are sold and serviced through a network of authorized auto dealers, with Northern California being handled by BMCD at 999 Van Ness Avenue.  In addition, U.S. Federal and California State laws as well as PAGANI’s own dealer agreements, prevent PAGANI from engaging in any direct sales of vehicles or service related activities. Valencia Street was NEVER to be a dealer or showroom!

It’s quite a shame that in an attempt to make our brand / art accessible to everyone, SF planning could not see beyond the narrow scope of what they feel should occupy the space on an otherwise forgotten block of Valencia Street.

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  1. What an arrogant ass! Unless the savior Pagani blesses us with its presence, the area is doomed to be “an otherwise forgotten block of Valencia Street.”

    First impressions formed.

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