The doors have been closed and the place has been thoroughly emptied, yet it is still unclear what happened to the Chocolatier Blue Parlor, located at 904  Valencia St. But, from the looks of it, the Berkeley-based chocolate store has left their Mission location for good.

The owners of Chocolatier Blue, Chris Blue and Jessica Steeve, could not be reached for comment.

One employee from Dog Eared Books next door said it was a mystery to him as well, but he said, that as far as he could tell the store “never really looked that busy.”

The Chocolatier Blue Parlor served an array of exotic chocolates, from flavors like sangria to smore’s  and after a few months added ice cream.

“They had a lot of competition on the block. There’s a frozen yogurt place across the street and another chocolate shop down the street,” he said, referring to Xanath Ice Cream and Dandelion Chocolate, both located on Valencia within a two-block radius.

The storefront that used to house Chocolatier Blue is now completely bare, including the location next door to it as well. From the looks of the next-door location, and word from one of the contractors working there, a fitness shop may soon occupy that space.

Chocolatier Blue’s flagship store is located at 1964 University Avenue in Berkeley. It also has a store on 4th Street in Berkeley.

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