Connie Walkershaw, sax player for The Mission 7. Photo courtesy of The Mission 7.

Five uniquely different musicians from contrasting backgrounds form The Mission 7, a band born in the Mission District that specializes in a wide array of sounds:  boogaloo, Latin soul, retro garage rock, and a little bit of Colombia.

The Mission 7 developed from Go Van Gogh,  a previous band with Jesse Walkershaw, bassist and vocalist, and sax player Connie Walkershaw. The Mission 7 sound promises to be a little more for dancing – to get people up and moving, according to Walkershaw. The band will be releasing its new wave sound on June 28th at Pop’s Bar.

Other members include Joseph Chavez on percussion, Rick Kennan on drums and guitarist Felipe Gomez.

The band’s name originated from Connie Walkershaw’s grandmother’s phone number when she was living in the Mission – the phone number being MI7-5444, MI designating district.

“We wanted to name the band something that meant something to us,” said Connie Walkershaw.

Connie Walkershaw, left, and Jesse Walkershaw, right. Photo courtesy of The Mission 7.

When Connie Walkershaw was growing up in the Mission, she was surrounded by a melting pot of musical influences, including Latin music. Alongside those influences, she also saw the displacement of families, the gap of wealth, and the crime. It wasn’t always dark times though, and The Mission 7 plans to capture both ends of the spectrum – all while making the crowd dance.

“These are songs that relate to generations of Mission residents,” said Jesse Walkershaw. He also said that seeing the crowd bouncing up and down is the only expectation he has for the band’s unveiling.

“This isn’t our first time at the rodeo,” he said.

The band will be playing Pop’s Bar, located at 2800 24th Street, on June 28th. More details here.

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