From our friends at the Little Mission Studio:

Little Mission Studio recently announced the launch of its first annual Summer Workshop Series, an educational series of short music workshops designed to be exploratory, introductory, and fun for anyone interested in connecting with their inner musician.
“Our Workshop Series is fun a way for anyone, of any age or skill level, to begin to explore music in new and exciting ways,” said Matt Rupert, co-founder and piano faculty member at Little Mission Studio. “We’ve really got something for everyone! Want to delve into Blues Guitar? Feel like trying your hand at Bucket Drumming? Want to craft your own instruments out of edible seeds and pods? Or connect with your body in our Posture & Performance Workshop? We’ve tried to program novel and unique approaches to learning and experiencing music across a variety of styles and disciplines.”
Little Mission Studio’s Summer Workshop series really does have quite a range of programming. The list of 24 unique 1 or 2-day workshops, spread out across this summer, encompasses everything from Pop Vocals for kids to History of Electronic Music for adults. Tuition for these short workshops ranges from $25 for one-session hour-long workshops to $75 for two-session 90-minute workshops.
“We tried to keep in mind that people travel over the summer,” said Claire Plumb, co-founder and voice faculty at Little Mission Studio. “People are less inclined to commit to a series of classes, say 10 weeks in a row like we offer during the rest of the year. But we still wanted to offer interesting programming over the summer, allowing people to really explore very specific topics in short, focused workshops.”
“We know that there’s a desire and need for great music education in San Francisco,” said Little Mission Studio co-founder and percussion faculty, Christian F. Howes. “We’re trying to offer the highest level of music education we can, while still keeping our classes engaging and exciting, no matter the skill or age level.”
All of Little Mission Studio’s current faculty are conservatory trained musicians, and all are current active Bay Area performers. Each of them are teaching a handful of workshops over the summer, in addition to their regular private music lessons and summer music camps.
“We’re also collaborating with other local businesses to craft programming across disciplines, beyond music” said Rupert. “You can explore the therapeutic aspects of music and movement in our Yoga & Singing Workshop with The Pad Studios, or experience the intersection of food and music in our Play with Your Food Workshop with Dandelion Chocolate.”
More details and enrollment for workshops can be found on their website here.
Little Mission Studio is a new music school located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Founded in October 2014, Little Mission Studio offers high quality music education through private music lessons, group music classes and workshops, and summer music camps. The school was able to open its doors due to a successful Kickstarter campaign and support from a loyal student population, who were excited about their teachers fulfilling their dream to start their own music community. Their mission is to inspire creativity and cultivate musicianship in their community, and they believe that, “People of all ages and skill levels can discover the joy of music!”