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DJ Danny White, a self-described “dancing DJ” flies to San Francisco from New York City monthly to host Indie Slash, a synth-pop dance party at Amnesia on Friday. This time he will celebrate its 10th anniversary – and the last ever dance as Indie Slash.

Starting next month the party will get a new name, Fine Time (after a song by ‘80s band New Order) and makeover from indie-dance to electro, house, italo, and boogie,  what White calls “under the umbrella” of synth-pop.  White will remain as host and continue to do what he loves most: “It’s my one time every month where I really just get to dance.”

White expects the same vibe for the final Indie Slash that it has cultivated since 2005: connection.  “It’s not blown out,” said White, “It’s very non-pretentious. I’m going to throw out as much energy as I can, where most DJs are just staring at a screen.”

Photo by WINSTON STRUYE. Courtesy of Indie Slash.

Indie Slash started at The Attic in 2005 (shortly before the 24th Street bar closed in 2014), and moved to Amnesia at 853 Valencia St. in 2010. White said that crowds have come and gone in waves, but he particularly remembers the tiny, sweaty, dance parties at The Attic, where people would dance on tables. On one occasion, one dancer even wore a glowing Tron suit, he said.

Even though classic turntables have evolved into computers for many DJs, White has been carefully curating his sets via vinyl, with ‘80s, ‘90s and indie music designed for the dance floor (hence the name “slash”.)

What also makes White’s dance party different from others, he said, is its diversity of scenes. The most challenging aspect has been connecting with the younger generations, and navigating the reigns of social media.

Photo courtesy of Indie Slash.

“People respond to my energy on the dance floor,” White said in hopes that the younger generation will continue to show up because of the vitality, rather than getting the chance to be featured on social media – something other clubs promote.

For the last Indie Slash, White, and partner DJ Rance, will feature favorites like Cut Copy, Knightlife and Morgan Geist.

“It’s been 10 years, so I hope people come out of the woodwork,” said White. “I hope its going to be sort of a reunion.”

The party starts at 10 p.m. Friday, and is $5 to attend. 21+.

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